All members are required to wear their cards on their person. No card; No shoot!

Liberal Government and Municipalities that endeavor to close private gun ranges in Florida. So, here it is Folks! Thank you for supporting your NRA Business Alliance Club. Thank you for your sacrifice and thank you for your membership

Pops Defense Fund:

Look For Pops Defensive Pistol Shoot twice a month on Thursdays evenings from 6pm till 8pm (that is unless we have a large turn out-then we want everyone to learn to practise defensive tactics; move and shoot. Look for this shoot on Pops Calendar; annual members give 0 funds for this valuable benefit of being a Pops Gun Club Member! Protect yourself and learn with this special event shoot at Pops!

Full Auto
Call for gun rental rates
Concealed Classes
Rapid Fire
Survival Experts on Staff
NRA Classes
Learn to shoot
Ladies welcome!
Learn to survive after the collapse, NOW!


Please see the Calendar for more details.